Saint Michael's College -
The Saint Michael's College Net Price Calculator is a tool to help families calculate an approximation of what a new first-year undergraduate can expect to pay to attend Saint Michael's. Many factors are considered when determining eligibility for merit scholarships. Our aim with this calculator is to gather enough information to provide you with an estimate of your award, which will include scholarships, grants, and loans. The results will not be a guarantee of your total costs (and is not a substitute for applying for financial aid), but we hope it will provide an idea of a realistic net cost. Saint Michael's Office of Student Financial Services are partners with you in this process. We understand that this is a significant long-term investment in your future success and fulfillment and we will do everything we can to help make a Saint Michael's education affordable. 

The average time to complete a full estimate is between 5-7 minutes. You will need to have an accurate estimate of your family's income and assets in order to ensure an accurate estimate of your cost of attendance.

If you have any questions about this estimator or about our financial aid process in general, please contact Student Financial Services at or 802.654.3243.