Southwestern Assemblies of God University .
Thank you for using the SAGU Net Price Calculator. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you through the admissions process and to show you how SAGU is consistently one of the most affordable private Christian universities in the nation. The SAGU Net Price Calculator is a simple and quick tool designed to help you determine automatic academic scholarships and SAGU grants you may qualify for, as well as basic financial aid. Once completed, this calculator will present you with estimations of your cost of attendance at SAGU. You will be able to use these amounts for your planning purposes; however, your actual costs and financial aid may vary. Please keep in mind that you may qualify for additional scholarships and grants through our financial aid webpage, as well as Federal Work-Study and/or grants and loans, further reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.  

If at any time you would like to connect with an admissions counselor to discuss your future at SAGU, please call 1-888-YES-SAGU. We look forward to working with you.